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Koper, Slovenia

We are located in the old of Koper, calm part of Koper, where in 2005 we have completely renewd an old urban house where we also live. We have also prepared apartments for you and so given you the opportunity to experience the feel of the old town. The sea and a beautiful public beach are waiting for you are only a short seven minute walk across the old town center or around it.

In Koper or near it there is something for everyone to enjoy in their carefree days. You can choose to attend a multitude of festivals, village parties or “šagra”,… In the summer time our little town is also host to the “Rumena Noč” festival, where you can enjoy yourself, dance and have fun for a few days.

Welcome to Koper!
Soon as you leave the motorway (exit center) turn to Koper-center and stay on this route for student's house and cathedral. Then at the »round junction« near port of Luka just turn at the oposite direction where you came from and after a few meters turn to the right.

Then just continue forward to Cankarjeva ulica. At the mini-market called »Zlati klas«, turn left. Before you know you are already in Goriška ulica and only thing you are supposed to do is to, find house no. 7 and ring the bell. Welcome!

Goriška ulica 7
6000 - Koper

Latitude: 45.547922
Longitude: 13.733850
Image titleObject with tree apartment (right).